As the next wave of the pandemic sweeps the world, it seems we are all being forced to go back to working at least partially, if not mostly from home.

Many companies have embraced the new possibilities this new way of working allows. Once a team member is working remotely, does it really matter where they are in the world (time zones willing of course)?  Do they even have to be in the same country? In our case, we have now on-boarded team members in 3 new countries, all working remotely and bringing fresh new perspectives to our search capabilities.

However on-boarding remote workers is not all plain sailing. Having sourced, screened and selected the right person, companies then have to deal with the administrative and legal complications of hiring the person in different countries and jurisdictions.

In the past, that meant having to set up representative offices, or subsidiaries simply to facilitate local employment. This was both time consuming and expensive.

Luckily, there is now a great solution which allows you to hire employees from any country in the world with one click!

We are pleased to have partnered with Remoteam a platform for global payroll and HR compliance. They provide infrastructure for hiring remote employees. Their local in-country entities will act as an employer of record for your remote team in over 100 countries.

  • They take care of local employment, payroll, benefits, taxes, compliance, and all admin.
  • You manage and control the employees as if you hired locally.

Full-time or contractors, they can help with both. You can start for FREE with contractors. We have negotiated a great introductory discount for our network.

Interested? Get in touch with us at [email protected] with your requirements and to find out more.