Why Nigeria? – Experiences of an expat working and living there

Why Nigeria? – is perhaps the most common response I got when I declared my intention of going to Nigeria as part of a new work assignment.

People didn’t quite get why one would opt to go to Nigeria from the comfort of INDIA and with the option to go anywhere else in the world.

Going to Nigeria wasn’t someone else’s directive or a mishap, it was my choice.I knew it was going to be a challenge, way out of my comfort zone, way different from anywhere I had ever experienced. But that’s what I wanted, and that’s what I got. It has been a challenge, a shock to all my senses, and a very different experience. However, it’s also far better than it’s portrayed in the media or our stereotypes. After two months here, I’ve grown and learnt more than any other experience I’ve had.

Here are my key takeaways from working in an emerging market like Nigeria:

Street smartness: In countries like Nigeria, you have to be alert. You have to be aware. You have to be on guard and you have to know how to get out of tricky situations. In Nigeria, where I’ve really developed a sense of situational awareness by learning how to read people and the environment around me and reacting accordingly. Before moving here, I tried reading up online about life in Nigeria but no amount of books/blogs or second hand experiences can prepare you for what you personally experience and that’s the beauty of it!

Empathy not sympathy: As an expat, it can be easy to get cozy in a safe and comfortable bubble. However, it is in this environment that I have made a genuine effort to cultivate a sense of empathy. I strive to put myself in the shoes of people who have a reality completely different from mine. When it comes to doing business in a turbulent time, understanding consumers is key. However, it’s even more important to empathise with them. This empathy allows businesses to deliver products and strategies that are both appealing and relevant.

Innovation is a necessity: In Nigeria, given the lack of resources and high level of need, innovation is a necessity. I’ve got some great insights and inspiration relating to frugal innovation here.

Go with the flow: If there’s any place that has taught me the importance of flexibility, it is Nigeria. It almost seems like Murphy’s law was made for Nigeria. Anything that has to go wrong will go wrong. You may have the best plan and even plan B in the world. However, given the economic volatility of the country and the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances, adaptation of the plan becomes necessary. Here I learnt that it’s not just the ability to foresee but the ability to react quickly that’s key.

Say NO: Saying no can be extremely difficult, especially for someone like me who generally likes to be quite agreeable. In Nigeria, I’ve been tested time and again about where I draw the line. Corruption is unfortunately a norm here. It’s completely normal to get “do you have something for me” requests and it’s something that makes me very uncomfortable and goes against my core values. As a new expat, it’s quite easy to oblige or give in but I’ve slowly mastered the art of saying no and holding my ground (sense of humour really helps). Not easy but much needed.

It hasn’t been easy but it’s not been as difficult as I had imagined. Above all, 2 months in Nigeria have been a great learning experience! Swimming in a pool is much easier (and maybe even slightly boring) if you’ve learnt to swim in the wild ocean. I’m thankful to Nigeria for being that rough ocean in my life for preparing me for all other adventures that lie ahead!

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2 years ago

Great piece of writing

Manuel M. Murrenhoff
Manuel M. Murrenhoff
2 years ago

Thank you for this great post – I enjoyed reading it and also heard myself through your words.

I have been living in Nigeria now for more than 1y and it is a hell of a crazy place (in all its good and bad senses).

If you are interested in more exchange, please reach out and check out my blog post(s) on Nigeria:


Stay safe and stay positive!


2 years ago

Great insights.. good piece of info, helps a new expat in this country..

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