Why choose us for your recruitment and hiring needs?

As recruitment consultants, we work with our clients to source, select and shortlist the right candidates for your roles. We specialise in mid and senior level hiring for our clients across Africa, India, Middle East and other Emerging markets. We can help you find the managers and professionals you need at every level.

Using a rigorous search and selection process, our team provides a bespoke solution tailored to your business needs. Our clients are established companies, looking for highly vetted candidates. We believe our process lowers the cost and time of the entire recruitment cycle.

Employer or committee holding reading a resume with talking during about his profile of candidate, employer in suit is conducting a job interview, manager resource employment and recruitment concept.
  • Client and candidate confidentiality
  • Candidate education and awareness
  • Hand-holding throughout the process
  • Constant communication loop
  • Highly vetted candidates
  • Personality and cultural fit

Global hiring, for our international clients

Our strengths and deep experience lie in hiring for our clients in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and other African countries. We also work with startup and growth companies in India, the Middle East and Africa. The recruitment process focuses on finding local and expat talent, which could be from anywhere in the world.

With a growing client base in South East Asia, we are focusing our efforts on companies that are looking to hire expatriate India talent into countries such as Vietnam, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the rest of the region.

Candidate Shortlist

A highly vetted candidate list, saves time and cost.

Africa Expertise

We have been hiring for over a decade in Africa.

Experienced Consultants

Our team has worked in industry or lived in Africa.