Our approach to Board Recruitment

With some of our long standing client relationships, we become the trusted partner to build and advise on Board hiring strategy.  With a strong knowledge of the company, vision and culture we find not just the most seasoned or obvious Board member, but also those who are less known or bring a different perspective. In today’s world, diversity both in industry and professional background, become more critical, and an area of focus for our consultants.

selective focus of employee and recruiter shaking hands near green plant
  • Broad networks globally
  • Diversity in industry and perspective
  • Sector agnostic
  • Long-term approach
  • Cultivating potential candidates
  • Ongoing assessment

Our experience

Over the last few years, we have placed a number of Board Advisors and Directors across clients where we have deep relationships and are embedded int their overall HR strategy. As consultants and advisors ourselves, our clients leverage our networks in particular markets, ensuring they attract the best talent either now or in the future for their Boards. We are also always looking for strong future Board candidates, to start the engagement and get to know each other over time.

Build a Pipeline

Identify, attract and engage with future Board leaders.

Strategic Hires

Add talent that complements your business goals.

Global Search

Look for sector or industry knowledge from anywhere.