As per data acquired by leading survey companies, Indonesia is witnessing a transformative shift in its workforce dynamics. This has been driven by a surge in career aspirations and a hunger for purposeful work. The cautious economic outlook globally in 2023 has led companies to adopt a more restrained approach to spending, resulting in slower recruitment processes. However, amidst these uncertainties, Indonesia is poised for solid GDP growth.

Sectors in focus

The consumer and retail sector, particularly in personal care and beauty products is experiencing a notable growth in local brands. This trend is prompting companies to re-evaluate distribution strategies and invest in digital marketing and e-commerce talent to engage consumers in the digital realm.

Furthermore,  a significant focus by brands on sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) will be important in 2024. This includes communicating commitments to sustainability in job descriptions, implementing inclusive hiring practices, and offering training programs to attract candidates aligned with sustainability goals. Better employer branding will be key!

What do employers in Indonesia want?

Employers in Indonesia, will place greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion practices and an increased used of technology use in recruitment. Companies are likely to revisit and potentially revoke flexible work arrangements, with a shift towards full-time office models. The  importance of soft skills, such as communication and problem-solving will become increasingly important to employers, and candidates will need to build upon and demonstrate this experience.

What do candidates want in a job?

Prospective candidates will be wary of economic uncertainties and potential AI displacement, and will therefore scrutinize job opportunities for stability and sustainability. There is an anticipated demand for talent in cyber security across various sectors, including retail and FMCG.

In conclusion, in the evolving talent landscape, companies are advised to address multifaceted concerns, including work-life balance, growth opportunities, positive culture, and impact roles. A strategic employer branding approach, clear communication of the company’s vision, and responsiveness in the hiring process are crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. Providing growth and development opportunities, such as training programs and mentorships, will enhance employee engagement and loyalty.