As recruiters enter 2019, the challenges in building and sustaining their talent pool continue to grow. All over the world, our clients are advising us of the increased difficulties in recruiting, retaining and engaging with top talent. Here are some of the key challenges they are facing:

Localisation – From the US to Tanzania, governments are making it increasingly difficult to hire expatriate workers. Companies are having to replace experienced workers with locals and competing for a smaller pool of talent. Increasingly companies are looking to increase their graduate hiring in order to start building a talent pool for the future. Attracting and integrating these high flyers into the organisation comes with its own set of challenges though, and this will be a key concern for HR professionals in 2019.

Diversity – companies are increasingly looking to bring in more diversity into their teams and trying to better manage this diversity within the organisation. With evidence showing that greater diversity leads to better organisational performance, companies are trying to attract candidates from more diverse backgrounds in order to encourage greater creativity and improve performance.

Millenials – as a rapidly growing proportion of the workforce, these digital natives are changing the way companies recruit, engage and retain their talent. A generation which is used to instant gratification through social media, has information at their fingertips and has a collectively different world view than baby boomers, needs a different style of management. Companies are having to adapt their entire human resource processes to enable more frequent interaction, improve their image and satisfy the ambitions of this new generation of workers.

Whilst the above challenges are real and significant, by taking a number of sensible actions, companies can positively build the workforce they need to succeed in this environment.