Research proves that great work environments and happy employees are the best combination possible. All management efforts are fruitless when managing unhappy people. Hence, making sure employees feel valued, wanted and happy can improve overall productivity and save money.

Happy employees are less likely to leave you

While exploring the relationship between job satisfaction and employee turnover intention, it was found that companies with great culture will likely have a lower job turnover intention. 

Happy Employees means more productivity

People who were affected with something positive showed about higher productivity, while unhappy ones were less productive.

What are ways to a good work environment?

First you need good culture

To create a happier and healthier environment it’s important to first set up a good communication channel between managers and employees. Managers and leaders should create an open and selfless culture which will stand out from day one.

Happiness through the right perks

  • Frequent feedback and rewards.
  • It’s proven that frequent feedback and rewards have a greater influence on people than one big thing once a year.
  • Positive experiences with bigger impact.
  • Everything new and unexpected gets our attention and breaks the routine. Positive social activities can also override the occasional unavoidable bad news.
  • New experiences rather than objects.
  • Evidence indicates that providing new positive life experiences tends to provide a greater happiness boost than spending a comparable amount on material objects.
  • Surrounding environment can trigger happiness.
  • Adding little things at the office can boost the mood. Good music, delicious snacks or flowers can create a better feeling and improve performance.
  • Focusing on achievements and job appreciation. 
  • Spending more effort asking and listening to employee achievements, rather than a continuous focus on what’s broken or not done helps to keep the morale up.

It is true that for business success performance numbers are important and financial well-being vital. But by providing good working conditions, great team culture and something extra to make employees happy, you can boost company’s productivity and accelerate your business to rocket speed.

Happiness at work is a win-win. Happy, engaged people are healthier, more productive; they have more ideas, are more likely to contribute over and above the responsibilities of their job and help out colleagues, are less likely to leave or be off sick and are more likely to get to work on time.

What Creates a Team Environment?

Creating a team environment in a company does not come easy. To effectively build teams, it is important to remember that:

  • Teamwork is based on a company’s culture. Companies that encourage open, honest communication and foster employee interaction are in a better position to have good teamwork among employees.
  • Team spirit comes from the top. Building effective teams with the right attitude emanates from the highest levels of an organization. Only by flattening the traditional organizational pyramid can one expect to instill the right team culture.
  • People must fit the culture. Some people are team players and some aren’t. It’s partly a question of personality and partly a matter of training. One person in the team with the wrong attitude can undermine the effort of the entire team. Hiring only people with the right traits for teamwork is crucial in building effective teams.
  • The benefits of teamwork include increased efficiency, the ability to focus different minds on the same problem and mutual support. Efficiency: When a team is able to work well together they accomplish more than individuals can do alone. Cohesive, professional and friendly teams can create welcoming atmospheres that make customers feel at ease.

At Select Global Solutions, we have a great sense of togetherness and team spirit. Team members learn and build on each other’s skills to create more impressive results in the workplace, a great track record and several satisfied customers.