You might be wondering why you should use a recruitment agency when you could instead adopt a more ‘hands-on’ approach by recruiting new personnel directly through a jobs listing site or via headhunting.

However, it would be at your own peril that you leave a recruitment agency out of the equation. Here are some of the problems that can easily arise when you choose not to use an agency.

Struggling To Stand Out From The Crowd

While nothing is stopping your company from just posting its vacancies on widely-used job listings sites, those additions could prove drops in an ocean where your competitors are also trying to edge their way in. Therefore, many job seekers might barely notice the vacancies you advertise.

Candidates might even decide that looking through vacancies on such a site is too bewildering, and therefore seek a recruitment agency’s help instead.

Wasting Time Considering Unqualified Candidates

A recruitment agency can screen candidates to check that they have the experience, skills and qualifications your company needs. Your firm wouldn’t have to fulfil that particular responsibility itself, as would be the case if you just allowed anyone and everyone to send their CVs directly to your hiring team.

There’s a lot of scope to waste precious time if you have to manually sift through candidates that do not meet your fundamental criteria. When you get a reputable recruitment agency on the job instead, you can trust them to separate the candidates to whom you will want to speak, from those that should be rejected out of hand.

Expensively Employing Too Many Bad Workers

For your company, it’s much better financially to avoid employing an ill-suited worker than it is to recruit them, only to later realise the mismatch. After all, the costs with regard to recruitment, training and reduced productivity can be heavy.

No employer wants to spend a penny more than it strictly needs to on the hiring of staff, which is why you may turn to a recruitment agency that is experienced and skilled in hunting out the best-suited candidates in response to a brief.

At Select Global Solutions we follow a rigorous search and selection process, only providing you with a shortlist of suitable vetted candidates. We provide bespoke solutions to align with your existing HR and recruitment processes, and provide you the most cost effective and efficient solution.