Capital CityPort Moresby
CurrencyPapua New Guinean kina
PresidentJames Marape
Official languageEnglish, Hiri Motu, PNG Sign Language, Tok Pisin
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Time Difference to India4:30 Hours ahead of India

Capital City- Port Moresby: Wewak, Varimo, Madang, Wabag, Lae, Mt. Hagen, Popondetta, Kundiawa, Port Moresby, Mendi, Kerema and Daru are the major cities of Papua New Guinea. Port Moresby, also known as Pom City or simply Moresby, is the capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea and the largest city in the South Pacific outside of Australia and New Zealand. The expatriate community in Port Moresby is welcoming and sympathetic to newcomers. There are cycling and triathlon groups, scuba diving and fishing clubs, organized hill-walking groups, art classes and a book clubs. Starting one yourself in Port Moresby is easy since both the city and its diverse residents are especially open to people with energy and ideas for start-ups. 

Cultural and Social Environment: The local population in the coastal regions are well cultured.. There are organized amateur leagues for the most popular sports, which include rugby, cricket, football (soccer), softball, basketball, and volleyball. There are many expensive restaurants and night spots in Port Moresby and other big cities, and the highways are jammed with imported cars. The tourist areas like Loloata Island and some untouched beaches are everywhere.

Educational Facilities: Few international standard schools are available, and depend upon different provinces. All major towns have some facilities, depending on the international community population in the town. Fees varies to different levels from USD 3000/ Year to USD 20,000 / Year

Medical Facilities: There are government hospitals with good facilities in addition to a few private hospital run by Indians and Philippines, like Paradise International Hospital in POM and Lae International Hospital in Lae etc.

Major Industries: The key industries in the country are Mining, Agriculture, Timber & plantations (Cocoa, Coffee, Copper etc.). The major industries are food industries, like Ramu Sugar/Nickel, GFI, Lae Biscuit, Paradise Food, Coca cola, Mainland Holdings to name a few. Most consumable business es are dependent on imports. 

Job opportunities: For expats, most opportunities are in finance, sales, admin and technical roles.

Political Environment This is a big challenge as the current government is not stable or development oriented.  Corruption levels are high, making it a challenging business environment.