In a series of blog posts, we are sharing our ideas and suggestion on how candidates can optimise their profile and visibility to better attract recruiters. During this time, we have many candidates reaching out to us for job opportunities, in order to filter through the high volume of enquiries we receive, it is important that a candidate’s Linkedin profile stands out. 

How to optimise LinkedIn profiles to attract recruiters

  1. Use a good formal display picture. This should be a professional picture, high resolution, clearly showing your face. Holiday pictures or other casual versions are a big NO.
  2. Complete your profile at 100% capacity in terms of details.
  3. In designation, you can mention differently named designations for the same role.
  4. Use proper keywords to describe your jobs. When a recruiter is looking to fill a position, they will search for candidates using keywords as career/industry specific keywords. As a job seeker, ensure that your profile is fully optimized by including keywords in your headline, summary or about section or throughout your job experience.
  5. The summary section should talk about the skills and your experience. One should choose the right words, highlight education & career achievements, career choices in context and few positive personality traits. It strengthens the first impression of the profile.
  6. Your profile should also mention the rewards and recognitions received from the organizations. Sometimes it’s easier to explain your impact or achievement using an image, video, or an article — don’t be afraid to add media to your profile and tee it up in your summary.
  7. Request recommendations.  Recommendations from people you have worked with carry a lot of weight. To a potential employer, a LinkedIn recommendation is like a reference in advance. Another way is to recommend people you know or work with, they will most likely reciprocate if you take the time to recommend them.