Capital CityMaputo
Country Code+258
CurrencyMozambican Metical (MZN)(1 INR = 0.882413 MZN)(1 USD = 66.5033 MZN)
PresidentFilipe Nyusi
Official languagePortuguese
GovernmentPresidential System
Population31.26 million (2020)
Time Difference to IndiaMozambique is 3.30 hours behind India

Mozambique is located on South-east of Africa and is bordered by Tanzania, South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.

Capital City- Maputo: It is the largest city in Mozambique. It has major production of agricultural products like cotton, cashew nuts, sugarcane, tea, corn, coconuts, tropical fruits, potatoes and manufacturing of Industrial products like aluminum products, petroleum products, chemicals, textiles, cement, glass.

Cultural and Social Environment: The overall security in Maputo city is good and safe. The expats do not have any difficulties but there are some of the areas where caution is needed. Most of the cities have Indian communities, Hindu temples, Indian Restaurants, theaters where Indian movies are often released, and Indian Channels are also telecasted. Hence social life is good for expats. 

Educational Facilities: Maputo has better international schools than another province of the Mozambique but the cost of education in Maputo is quite high, the cost of education varies from USD 250 per month to USD 800 per month depending upon the curriculum adopted by the school i.e. African Curriculum, Cambridge Curriculum or International Curriculum.

Medical Facilities: The cities like Maputo, Beira and Tete have average medical facilities for diseases like common cold, flu, etc. but the resources are limited for complex diseases.   Apart from these cities medical facilities remain poor in other cities of Mozambique. There are also Indian doctors available in Maputo but the expenses for the treatments and medicines remain high.

Major Industries: The major industries in Mozambique are petroleum, steel manufacturing, fertilizers, food & beverages, cement & glass. Also, the country has rich farmland in its northern regions and vast, untapped sources of coal and natural gas.

Political Environment: Mozambique has presidential government and current government is stable, but there is some instability in north Mozambique where recently the oil & gas has been found around 800-900 kilo meters from Nacala due to which some terrorist activities were found.

Job Opportunities for Expats: The opportunities for expats is good and abundant as the country is still developing. As the cost of living is high in the country, accommodation and all basic services are mostly provided by the employers. The personal expenses of a single expat living in Mozambique is up to USD 400 per month.

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