Jyoti Hinduja, talks about how the recruitment industry has changed with the advent of better communication and technology.

I have been working in the recruitment industry for 18 years and I have seen many changes and an evolution in how recruiters work. With an improvement in technology, the use of job portals and social media, we are able to quickly advertise positions, compared to when I started my career and we used to advertise in newspapers.

Communication methods have also improved and until about 10 years ago we were using landlines and fax machines to communicate with clients and candidates, we also used to have candidates walk-in to our offices to submit their resume.

With the use of technology, my job has become significantly more efficient and the industry is able to source and screen candidates much faster, leading to cost savings for our clients and efficiencies in our teams.

With the use of whatsapp, skype and other communication tools, we are able to provide timely feedback to both candidates and clients, which has improved our relationships.

I have been doing international recruitment throughout my career, and one of the key challenges is to educate candidates on different countries that they may potentially be applying for jobs to. Now, we can direct them to websites, forums, videos of the country, the supermarkets and the Indian restaurants!

My career has been challenging and I have adapted throughout the changes in technology and communication, and I feel this has led to my success. I expect the industry to keep changing, and for our team at Select Global Solutions to be at the forefront of international recruitment.

I have been working with Nikunj Shah both at Datum Recruitment Services and at Select Global Solutions for the last 10 years, and we have worked across several continents and countries, serving over 400 clients globally! Every day is different in my career, and I love the challenges of a career in recruitment!