After I completed my MBA from Australia and moved back to India, I started my career as a recruitment consultant for Datum Recruitment Services, led by Nikunj Shah, who now leads us at Select Global Solutions. Many (like me) say they ‘fell into recruitment’. Although that may be how some of us began our recruitment careers, for me it is the varied nature of the work and rewarding benefits that made me realise recruitment was the right career choice.

Being in recruitment you are responsible for helping people find the right job, which could actually be a life-changing opportunity for them. So functionally and emotionally, it is very satisfying when you get it right, not only for you but for the person that you placed and the team you just strengthened with new talent.

Everyday is a different day simply because you’re dealing with people, by their very nature, are quite unpredictable and most of what everyone does is driven by their emotions. Therefore, there are a lot of moving parts in recruitment and things can, and will, go wrong which are beyond our control.

Luckily, I have the full support from the whole team towards sucess. Indeed It is a demanding career but, without a doubt, a rewarding one.