Are millennials as good as we think they are?

(The Economic Times)

The millennial workforce is often touted as dynamic and focussed. India has the largest millennial population in the world and while expectations from them for growth and economic boom are huge, the reality could be different. They could be unsure of themselves and overworked at the workplace.

A recent survey shows that millennials at work place are still facing some challenges which need to be tackled.

Excessive workload

A recent survey finds that almost half of the millennial population finds it difficult to work effectively due to excessive workload

Office politics

The second biggest barrier to work is “office politics “. Gender wise, the research shows that office politics is the top barrier for women, whereas excessive workload is the barrier for men .

Biggest hindrance

While the top two challenges remain constant across age groups, the older millennials aged between 25-34) felt that excessive workload is their top hindrance while the younger millennials (18-24 years) felt office politics was their biggest hindrance

Gap in soft skills

While the millennials were confident about their job relevant technical skills, very few had the emotional intelligence and persuasion skills needed to be successful at the workplace.

Complex environment

As the younger workforce continues to operate in a complex environment, they would need to have sharper analytical thinking, which very few respondents had.