If you are looking for a new job right now, you will be using Linkedin to search for the latest opportunities. Many of these new jobs are advertised by recruitment firms, or headhunters. In this blog, we provide tips on how to approach recruiters or respond to job adverts, for success.  

Most recruitment firms like our team at Select Global Solutions, are being bombarded with requests for jobs at this difficult time during COVID19, therefore it is important that candidates standout during their applications and messages to us.

Some tips below:

  1. While replying to any posted Job Advertisement on LinkedIn, do not just write “Interested” or “visit my profile”. To catch the recruiter’s attention, put in the effort to visit the Job advertised and if it matches your skill sets or present portfolio that you are handling, reply highlighting the key attributes of the Job that you are handling with the years of experience. Refrain for showing interest in every role that has been advertised.
  2. A strict no-no is typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical goof-ups. Such errors are a big put-off for recruiters, who see the candidate as a person who does not pay attention to detail.
  3. A working LinkedIn account and significant number of connections in the industry also indicate a genuine profile.
  4. If you send a message to a recruiter, keep it brief! Sending a 2 page intro through LinkedIn doesn’t work!
  5. Do not hound recruiters, this comes across as unprofessional, and will be more of a deterrent. Instead, follow up at regular but sensible intervals, with a short message, or understand their response and act accordingly.