(INC) What does a genuinely good and liked boss do really well? He thanks his employees. He recognises and praises them for hard work and achievement. One of the easiest and most effective rewards.

Showing appreciation to employees is good for business. Employees work better and get motivated to do the best when they are valued. So is there some pattern to say thanks or recognise people? Not really!

Here are some simple — and free — ways to show your gratitude and thank your employees for their hard work.

  1. Say, “Thanks.”
  2. Yes employees get paid to do their work. Saying thanks when an employee drops off a report, say, “Thanks.” When an employee spots a problem, say thanks. Your employees appreciate the gesture; they’ll start to follow your lead and thank the people around them. That’s the easiest way to build a culture of praise and recognition. Who does not like instant praise?
  3. Say “thanks” by providing greater freedom and autonomy.
  4. Providing employees with autonomy and independence is a way to say thanks. It helps them make more — and more important — decisions in the future. Because empowered employees almost always find ways to do their jobs better.
  5. Say “thanks” by genuinely seeking input.
  6. Say thanks to employees for their ideas and suggestions to show consideration for their time, showing you respect and trust the employee’s input encourages them to engage with the work and the company.
  7. Say “thanks” by asking for help.
  8. Asking for help shows respect and trust for the other person. Go a step further and ask them how they solved a problem and your willingness to learn. In the process you’ll show vulnerability, respect, and a willingness to listen — which are all qualities of a great boss.
  9. Say “thanks” by lending a hand.
  10. Pitch in, offer to help and actually help. Offer in a way that feels collaborative, not patronizing or gratuitous. Model the behaviour you want your employees to display. Helping is a great way to prove you know a task is difficult — and that you appreciate the hard work that goes into completing it.
  11. Say “thanks” by saying “you’re welcome.”
  12. Thank people for praise or a complement. That way you can show you were glad to do the work and appreciate the praise Show your employees that you want them to feel comfortable accepting, and appreciating, praise.